Feel well with stuff you do

  • Trusting parts of Getting Things Done for 4 years in a row, still comforting and still my base of everything 🙂
  • Added parts of The One Thing in my daily routine the last two years, great improvement and a strong sense of direction 🎯
  • Still struggling with saying No, which is a big bummer 🙁
  • When in doubt or feeling stressed, seek comfort in the Stoics 🙂

A low point is a good trigger of change

Image of books: The design of everyday things, Getting Things Done, Meditations, Hooked, Turn the Ship Around!, Failsafe, The Gene, and Letters of a Stoic
4 of my most dear books on a single frame!

You cannot control the work coming to you, but you can control what to work on first and set expectations. After all, having work to do is what pays the bills. You cannot wish for no or less work to do, because that means your skills are not needed!

Getting comfortable, and getting better

Today and the journey ahead



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Mike Giannakopoulos

Mike Giannakopoulos


Thinker, solver, experiences aficionado. Remotee worker, product Manager for hackthebox.eu. Always strive for self-improvement and balance.